About Effusion

Formed 20 years ago in 1999, Effusion A Cappella started off a small and humble group of musical geniuses who laid a foundation of soul haunting repertoire and mind-numbing good looks for future generations to build upon. 16 years, 3 CDs, and countless roadtrips later, Effusion is still laughing, good-time-ing, and making sweet a cappella.

Effusion performs at events, soirees, dinners, festivals, and student functions in and around Montreal, QC. We also take time our from our busy schedules to travel around Canada and the US to collaborate and perform with other a cappella groups, bands, and musicians of all sorts.

Music without instruments is our passion and we draw our influences from across the musical spectrum. R&B, soul, gospel, pop, folk, rock, and jazz influences can all be heard in our repertoire. Besides singing, Effusion has been known for many a memorable skit at end-of-semester concerts and for questionable dance skills.

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“…Unless you are McGill University’s Effusion, and your blend is so absolutely unbelievable that you don’t need to dance around to superficially surprise an audience. Indeed, their sound was so magnificent that I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing for awhile.” – Doug Friedman [Brandeis VoiceMale]

“When Effusion started singing, I had trouble holding my camera straight because I just wanted to watch and enjoy…something about this group caught me off guard… You know when a person goes into a zone, they get lost in their own little world? This was like watching a group of people get lost in their own little ‘group world’.” – Abid Virani [Abid Virani: In Words]

“It’s astonishing how a group of 16 vocalists with pitches ranging from bass to soprano and everything in between are able to perform music live completely in time with one another.” – Michael Gord [IX Daily]